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The Alignment Institute Story

Alignment Institute was founded in 2018 from the shared vision of Sergio Figueroa and Rebecca Prewett who typify the ideal 21st century couple. Combining their skills in a synergy of transformative possibility, they began developing systems for change and programs to encourage self-improvement through self-exploration.


The Change Initiative was birthed in 2021 in response to the changing global landscape, and is the way forward for everyone who wants to sit atop the wave rather than be caught in the undertow of dissonance that threatens to drown individuals and divide communities.


Through their revolutionary programs, Sergio and Rebecca aim to share the means by which men and women can become unified masculine/feminine beings and the custodians of their own non-negotiable potential. 


They believe true alignment draws on wisdom from both our light and dark aspects; in turn leading us to experience unlimited creative flow, material success, and unbounded spiritual and relational harmony. 


Riverhead, New Zealand



Alignment Coach

Sergio has a keen interest in maintaining balance and alignment in all areas of life. Having spent 20 years as a professional golf coach in New Zealand, Sergio has worked with thousands of people on improving not only their golf swing, but emotional balance, mental agility, physical health and positive mental attitude through nutrition and exercise. 


A successful business owner in his own right, Sergio now focusses on his work as a Life Coach with a mental health focus. He has a passion for working with men in business and anyone seeking to rebuild and transform after divorce. 

Sergio has a deep interest in mindfulness and meditation, and through his own regular practice he understands the importance of maintaining equanimity to retain composure and mental balance amidst dynamic and stressful life situations.


His strengths as a listener, his calm disposition and diplomacy have earned Sergio great respect in both the business and coaching worlds. Having extensively studied the mind, body and soul with a goal to understanding humanity's light and dark aspects, Sergio is a true humble servant and shining light who is loved by all who come to know him.


What makes us different?


With combined expertise in psychology, philosophy, NLP, mental health, spirituality and life coaching, and business backgrounds in professional sport, health, media and the arts, there is no project too large or small to tackle.


We are genuinely passionate about creating positive pathways for lasting impact and change; in fact, nothing invigorates us more than co-creating sustainable solutions to improve lives and livelihoods around the globe. 


In 30 years we have helped tens of thousands of people to enhance their minds, bodies, business or performance and stayed at the cutting-edge of systems and technologies which accelerate growth, drive change and create legacies.

Coaching & Counselling

Mission & Legacy Building

Performance Enhancement

Aligning you with your goals!

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